Where should we go to officially register our team?
At the Pavillon Norbert Talbot located at Terry Fox field
What is the best route to take to get to the registration location?
Go to the Terry Fox playing fields in the Playing fields section.
When do we register our team?
You can register your team Friday night September 1st  from 16h00 to 21:00 (closing time) or from 6h30 am saturday September 2nd
Is it necessary for everyone to be present at registration?
No, only one team representative needs to be present the registration of the team.
Do all the players need to be there for registration?
No, the players dont'have to come at the registration office.
Where should all the players be present ?
All players should be present on the field where their game where they will be playingn at least 30 minutes before the game starts. Passports will be checked.
Our team is coming from out of town. Do you make hotel reservations for us?
No, each team is responsible for its own lodging. You can consult our website to find the list of hotels collaborating with the tournament.
Where is the hotel closest to the playing fields located?
There are 2 hotels located less than 10 minutes from Granby playing fields - the Hotel Castel & SPA ConfortHotel Econolodge Granby and Hotel St-Christophe
Are there restaurants near the playing fields?
There is a snack bar on the main site and different stands on some others fields. There are restaurants covering a wide variety of tastes and budgets located in GranbyBromont and Cowansville.
What is the significance of 'A' 'AA' 'AAA'?
'A' is for the regional league. 'AA' is for the inter regional league and the 'AAA' is for the provicial league.
Can we use trial players?
A maximum of 3 trial players per team will be accepted.
Can a player play on more than one team in the tournament?
No, a player can play with only one team during the tournament.
Can players older than those set out by the category play on a team?
No, the maximum age for each category must be respected.
Can a team or a player play in an older age category?
Yes, a team can play in an older age category. That is, amongst the categories recognized in Québec, ie. U-10, U-12, U-14, U-16, a U-10 could play for U-12 and U-13 but not for U-14. Be sure to check the categories with care because certain categories in the tournament are related. For example, the U-13 is related to the U-14 and the U-15 is related to the U-16. Check with the tournament organizers to be sure.
What documents does a player need to produce to be able to play in older categories?
A medical certificate and parental authorization is required.
Are girls allowed to play on a boys' team?
Yes, as long as they are in the same category.
What sort of player's Id card is required?
ID cards in rule according to the Federation of Soccer of Quebec or the Federation of the province where the players are from
Is a good conduct bond required?
No, we don't ask for a good conduct bond anymore
We are a school team. Can we take part in your tournament?
No. The team must be affiliated with a club.
How many coaches can be on the players bench?
A maximum of 3 persons are allowed to be on the bench with players including coaches, assistants, physiotherapists, manager, etc..
Are there rewards for those finishing in third place?
Yes, a bronze medal is awarded for 3rd place.
Where do we find the tournament rules?
The rules can be found in the information section
Where do we find the games sheets?
The game sheet can be found on the team registration website. You can find the game sheet by clicking on the inscription folder which will lead you to the registration website(PTS). The games sheets will be available only after the release of the schedules on the registration website and upon receiving your team's passwords. This will be done in August.
How many game sheets should we have on hand at registration?
4 game sheets duly filled with the names of players, jersey numbers, ID card numbers. 1 without number and 3 with the numbers of each match)
When the schedules will be available?
The schedules shoulb available no later than one (1) week before the tournament.
To whom must we make the checks or money order?
Check must be made out to Le Club de soccer Les Cosmos de Granby
To what address do I mail my checks and travel permit?
The cheque must be mailed to:
ISJYPG Tournament
55, Robitaille street, Granby (Quebec) J2H 0R7

The travel permit and the players list from PTS Registrariat (Quebec teams) or the team roster ( Teams outside Quebec) can be send by email:
What is a trial player?
A trial player, is an affiliated player from another Soccer Club from a lower or equal category and from the same class of the team which invited him.
Does my team have a game on Friday night?
All teams remaining at 1 hr and less of Granby can have a match scheduled on Friday night. This includes teams from the South Shore.
How Can I get my players list for PTS Registration?
To obtain this list you should contact your registrar and / or coordinator of your club. This is required for all Quebec teams.
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