Please take note that the Registration Desk is located at the Terry Fox Park inside the Norbert Talbot Pavilion which address is 97 Leclerc Boulevard East in Granby.

List of the documents required for registration
When you'll come to register your team at the Norbert Talbot pavilion at Terry Fox field  97 blvd Leclerc Est Granby Friday, September 1st from 4pm to 10pm or Saturday September 2th 2017 from 6:30 am  you must present the following documents :

The players' list coming from PTS Registrariat for the team from the province of Quebec. You have to ask your club registrar and / or  your club coordinator to obtain this document. Only those persons have access to that option in PTS registrariat. Only the players appearing on this list will be authorized to play. No addition by hand will be accepted.
(see example of the required format below)
PS: For the teams coming from Ontario, you will have to provide a copy of your
      roster (player's list) coming  from your club and the proof of  the level you play in.

The form for trial player if you have players coming from another soccer Club (maximum 3)

Your 4 games sheets (1 without number and the 3 with the game numbers) properly filled with the name of the players, the players numbers and the ID cards number. You have to bring only  one copy of each sheet for a total of 4  (see example below). You must complete your game sheets before 6pm Friday, Sept 1st. Pass this time it won't be possible to do so.

The ID cards of the players should be in the same order appearing on your game sheets.
Travel permit
For the teams who are not coming from ARS Richelieu Yamaska, if we haven't received your travel permit yet, send it by e-mail as soon as possible to the following address The travel permit is required and failure to provide this document or if there is missing informations a fine will be charge to your ARS by the FSQ. The ISJYPG tournament will also charge you a fee to cover the fine charge to us by the FSQ for the missing travel permit.

Fees will be charge to cover the fines charge to us by the FSQ for any missing document

The travel permit form is available on the website of the Federation. Only this new version will be accepted from now.

Yellow fields must be completed for your travel permit to be accepted
Required format of the players list coming from PTS Registrariat
Required format of the players list from PTS Registrariat
Printing the game sheets
Printing the game sheets
In the case of withdrawal
If a team is accepted and desires to withdraw from the tournament for internal reasons, please take note of the following important points in case of withdrawal:

If withdrawal occurs after the August 1st, the registration fees will be confiscated to the profit of the tournament.

Other informations:

- The person who registers a team at the International Tournament must send the payment (registration fees + a copy of the registration form) for the team to be officially registered at the tournament.

- Please make sure to register your team in the proper category and competition level. The organizing committee is not responsible for any mistake of your part.

To Coaches attending the Tournament
If a coach registers in the tournament and supervises 2 teams of the same organization, please mention it when registering to avoid schedule conflicts. Please note that after August 1st, it will be too late to make any last minute changes to grant you satisfaction. - Web application
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