You must register your team on the Internet. The officer who registers a team at the International Tournament must have sent the payment (registration fees + a copie of the registration form if possible) within 10 days following your registration for the team to be officially registered at the tournament. The teams will be accepted according to the date of reception of payments. To print a copy of the registration form you have to do it before saving it. See the example below for the required information on the registration form

Inscription procedure

Each point is corresponding to de number in the example below

1- Select Canada, Quebec ou USA depending from where your team come for

2- Select team type

3- Complete all the fields on the team as well as the class in which you register

4- Complete all the fields fin the secton responsi ble

5- Complet all the fields about the adress section

6- Indicate the league you play in

7- Indicate the jersey colors

8- Write down comments in needed

9- Print a copy of your registration before saving it

If you have any question please write to

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